It’s Time To Rethink The “An Aspirin-A-Day For Heart Health” Strategy

Aspirin is probably one of the safest, most used, and well-known painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications around. Most of us grew up with it in the family medicine cabinet.

Aspirin May Help You Keep Tooth Decay Away!

Aspirin, a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, for years has been praised for its ability to relieve common aches and pains and even reduce the risk of heart attack and cancer. And now, a recent study suggests that aspirin may be good for your teeth.

Painkillers may be increasing your heart attack and stroke risk, FDA warns

Reaching into the medicine cabinet for pain relief from your headache, backache or arthritis? The FDA is now strengthening an existing warning for prescription and over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). The FDA is also warning people who regularly use NSAIDs to be careful about using other products that might contain an NSAID, such as a multi-symptom cold product.

Be proactive: An aspirin a day can keep cancer away — but know the risks

Daily aspirin use has long been touted to prevent heart attacks, and now new research shows that aspirin may also be helpful in cancer prevention. But daily aspirin therapy might not be for everyone.

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