Is Hypertension Inevitable?

Dr. Dre recently went into detail about some serious health issues he experienced in 2021. While hospitalized for a brain aneurysm, he suffered three strokes. This certainly was a wake up call for Dr. Dre, especially because he didn’t appear to be your “typical stroke victim.”

Why Some People May Be Scared of the Chiropractor!

Just last month, 41-year-old Stefanie Smith, died on an airplane that was coming back from the Dominican Republic where she was vacationing with her friends. Smith’s cause of death was ruled as a carotid artery dissection. In order to understand what this is, we need a basic understanding of the carotid arteries.

Even Small Amounts of Licorice Can Raise Blood Pressure and Overwork Your Heart

Black licorice. Most people either love it or hate it. It’s definitely an acquired taste. Glycyrrhizic acid is what gives licorice its sweet taste, but it is also a compound that can cause potassium levels to drop and potentially increase blood pressure. 

It’s National Nutrition Month. Let’s Talk About the Popular Carnivore Diet

March is National Nutrition Month, and it is perhaps a good time to reflect on how our daily diet choices impact our health.

Lower Your Blood Pressure With Isometric Exercises

If you have high blood pressure or are at risk for developing high blood pressure, isometric exercise may be best for you.

If You Are Midlife, It’s Not Too Late to Work Towards Happy, Healthy Longevity

I think most people would agree that a healthy, happy and long life would be most attainable through freedom from chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. It would also be amazing to grow old with mobility, independence and as little chronic pain as possible. Learn how we can make this possible.

It’s Time to Really Take Things to ‘HEART’

March is quickly approaching, which means Heart Month is almost over. The work, however, to keep our hearts healthy is never over. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both American women and men. We must be proactive. Here’s what you can take to ‘HEART’ to help guide you along the way.

Once Again, We See Why Monitoring Blood Pressure At Home Can Be Life-Saving

Back in January, Lynette Hardaway, more popularly known as Diamond of the Trump-supporting sister duo Diamond and Silk, died of heart disease due to chronic high blood pressure. She was just 51-years-old.

If You Are Older, Home Blood Pressure Checks Can Be Life-Saving

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Beyoncé’s song ‘Cuff It’ has taken the world by storm. And speaking of cuffs (albeit not in a manner that is as sexy and cool as Beyoncé), a recent study found evidence suggesting that basic blood pressure cuffs are just as effective as newer, more advanced devices for monitoring blood pressure at home.

Healthy Blood Pressure. Healthy Mind

When it comes to high blood pressure, there is more you have to keep in mind (pun intended). High blood pressure may impact our cognitive abilities, because it may damage our brains. Hypertension may accelerate the mental decline that often leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

Controversial YouTube Star Dies of Hypertension. Why This Is Important to the Black Community

Kevin Samuels. He was one of those people you either loved or hated, or perhaps you just found him entertaining to watch because he had zero filter. Samuels was a popular African-American YouTube personality and self-proclaimed image consultant known for making controversial remarks particularly targeted towards black women.

America Is Failing When It Comes to Salt Reduction. Be Proactive

America is in such a salt crisis that I think it’s probably about time we use technological innovations to reduce our salt intake.

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