Practicing Mindfulness May Be What’s Missing From Your Proactive Health Arsenal

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Focus. I now want you to imagine biting into a big, juicy lemon wedge. What did you notice? I bet you started to salivate or maybe even felt a tingling sensation in your mouth. You may have even puckered. That’s how powerful your thoughts are.

Is Saffron the ‘Antidepressant’ We Didn’t Know We Needed?

Although saffron may be costly, its potential health benefits, specifically in regards to the brain, may make it priceless. There has been an extensive amount of research on this, and saffron is commonly called a neuroprotective agent.

Good Oral Hygiene May Be One of the Keys to Happy & Healthy Longevity

One of the most shocking and disturbing predictions that I recently came across was that by 2025, 13 million Americans will have Alzheimer’s disease (currently there are about six million). And there is a connection between tooth loss and Alzheimer’s.

Ozone Therapy – What You Need to Know

It’s important to balance what most people know as “traditional” practices with more innovative practices to maintain our health. I have tried and continue to use alternative therapies such as cryotherapy, acupuncture, red-light therapy, ocean therapy and vitamin infusions. And recently, I have been fascinated with ozone therapy.

Easier Prep Means One Less Reason to Delay Your Colonoscopy

Colonic irrigation offers several benefits over the traditional oral laxative method of bowel prep for a colonoscopy.  In addition to producing cleansing results comparable to oral methods, it has fewer side effects and enjoys high levels of patient satisfaction.

Should People with Food Allergies Avoid Store-Bought Cookies?

So many people with food allergies depend on food labels, however, it’s discouraging to learn that people have died from mislabeled products.

Light Therapy May Provide Some Relief For Alzheimer Patients

I’ve talked a lot about ways to be proactive about preventing Alzheimer’s, but I have not really discussed ways to be proactive when someone already has this devastating form of dementia.

Let’s Talk About Farts!

Farting is something we don’t talk about enough. And it is, afterall, a normal function of the human body. Understanding our body and all its many functions is a great way to be proactive about our health and the quest for happy and healthy longevity.

You May Want a Smaller Waistline, Especially If You Plan to Get Pregnant

When a couple has issues conceiving, the attention is often put on the female, however, causes of male infertility may include low testosterone, certain genetic disorders, erectile dysfunction and more.

I’ve Used Tampons for More Than 20 Years and Never Worried About Chemicals Until Now

Let’s talk about the safety of tampons and other menstrual products. I know. This is not normally my preferred topic of discussion either, but if you are a menstruating woman and/or have a daughter or woman in your life who you love or care about who gets a period, then this is an important blog for you to read.

You May Not Be Ready for Kids Now, but That Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Be Preparing Healthwise

Preconception health has pretty much fallen to the wayside, however, it should probably be the most important factor to consider when planning to build your future family. Of course you need money to raise a family, but you cannot put a price on your health or the health of your child.

Is It Time for a Sleep Divorce?

Everyone’s experience with sleep is different. It’s very rare that two people who sleep in the same bed will have the same sleeping habits or sleep just as soundly as the other.

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