Here’s What You Need to Know About Ozempic

It is an injectable prescription medicine that is a semaglutide (which essentially decreases blood sugar). Ozempic is just a common brand name for this drug.

Is Fat Acceptance Making Americans Complacent About Unhealthy Eating?

This blog was not an easy one to write, because the fat acceptance movement is a highly sensitive, complex and controversial topic. If you support fat acceptance, some might say you support obesity and being unhealthy. If you are against it, some might call you fatphobic or a body shamer. If you are somewhere in the middle (and so many people are), how do you decipher how much fat is acceptable especially when there is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight?

The American Medical Association Adopts New Policy On BMI & Measuring Obesity. Here’s What You Need to Know

The American Medical Association (AMA) recently adopted a new policy regarding how BMI plays a role in measuring obesity. I’ve always stressed that body composition data, which will tell you how much muscle, fat and water your body contains, is far more important than BMI.

Are You A Late Night Eater? Here’s Why You Might Want to Stop

As we become more knowledgeable about our diets and eating habits, it’s evident that maintaining good health is not just about what we eat but also about when we eat. Timing is important. When we eat may even be a contributing factor as to why nearly 42 percent of Americans are obese. 

Having a Baby? Why The First 1,000 Days of Nutrition Are Key

Babies don’t know what cake or soda is anyway, so why give it to them? Perhaps it’s time we all rethink the one-year-old celebration smash cake. 

Trainer Says Letting Your Child Be Obese is Abuse. This May Be Harsh!

I’m sure Nick Mitchell, who is a celebrity personal trainer, ruffled a lot of feathers when he made a public statement saying that letting your child be obese is pretty much a form of child abuse. He even said that it’s no different than letting your child smoke or use drugs, according to one report.

There May Be a Shortage of Candy This Halloween, But Here Is Why You Should Not Be Bitter

I am not trying to be the party spoiler of Halloween and holiday seasons, but we can no longer afford to ignore that our children’s health is at risk. So, the anticipated candy shortage as a bad thing. 

Having Lower Hemoglobin May Have Health Benefits

Recent research suggests that being at the lower end of the normal hemoglobin range may have some health benefits. So, it turns out that in the case of hemoglobin, less may be good.

Are You “Healthy Obese?” Here’s What You Need To Know

Super famous singer Lizzo is not exactly your average cookie-cutter pop star. She’s black, in her thirties, has a signature move of twerking on stage while simultaneously playing the flute and is what many people, including her most loyal fans and those with her body type, would call a “big girl.” So this brings me to the question...Is it possible to be a big girl and healthy?

6 Proactive Tips For a Healthy, Happy Memorial Day

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use this Memorial Day weekend and still have a wonderful time with family and friends

A Soda Addict Loses More Than 100 Pounds in a Year! Here’s How She Did It and How You Can Be Proactive

A 24-year-old woman in New Mexico named Vivian McCall lost an incredible amount of weight in just one year. She lost 125 pounds! McCall focused on ditching her most offensive habits - one of them being eight cans of soda a day!

Why You May Want to Get Up Close and Personal with Contact Thermography

In a nutshell, contact thermography is a tool that allows us to see what’s going on underneath the skin by detecting differences in temperature between different types of fats. It’s non-invasive, pain-free and utilizes Encapsulated Liquid Crystal plates to locate fat precisely.

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