Is your doctor giving you the time, attention and care you need at your age?

Senior Health

By pH health care professionals

You don’t get much time with your doctor, and your doctor doesn’t have much time to think about you. This can lead to problems. For example, doctors might be in such a rush to get to the next patient that they can’t take the time to pick the best medication regimen for their patients. Less-than-ideal meds can lead to side effects and drug interactions. This is especially concerning for older patients.

Most medication doses get tested in patients who are age 18-45. This means that we know less about how drugs act in older patients, and our population is growing older all the time. It’s already common for doctors to see patients in the hospital for falls due to dizziness from opiates, confusion from sedatives, or agitation from psychiatric drugs. And this older population is especially vulnerable.

If you have pain or psychiatric needs, or even need a simple antibiotic, it is OK to ask questions such as, “Is this medication appropriate for my age?” or “Is it possible to try a lower dose first?” Bring up your previous medical issues. “I had a fainting spell a few years back; will this medicine make me dizzy?” Ask about interactions with other medications you take. “Do I need any blood tests with this medication?” For example, cholesterol drugs sometimes require a liver check.

All of these considerations, as mentioned, take time. If you or your doctor don’t have the expertise or adequate time to have all of your concerns met, patient advocates and doctors who provide second opinions can help. An advocate can evaluate your situation, recommend tests, review your medication and insurance, and ensure you understand your health condition and receive proper care.

Even if you are young at heart, as you get older, getting complete care and attention to your individual needs in today’s medical environment is more important than ever. Learn more about My pH Advocate here.

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