If You Can’t Always Trust Labels, How Do You Supplement Safely?

I came across a recent study that analyzed materials in popular sports supplements. The results were shocking. Researchers looked at 57 sports supplements purchased online. They discovered that 89 percent of these supplements were labeled inaccurately, and 12 percent included banned drug substances which were not even disclosed on the labels.

Take a Chill Pill. Or Maybe Some Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 may reduce anxiety as well as strengthen visual surround suppression (which is essentially a fancy, scientific way of saying that it increased focus and helped people not get overwhelmed by sensory overload).

Cod Liver, Fish, Krill, Algal & Flaxseed Oils. Which Supplement Is Best For You?

Many people might think all fish oil supplements are created equally, however, it turns out there is a difference between fish liver oils, such as cod liver oil, and other fish oils.

Another Severe B12 Deficiency Makes The News. Don’t Let This Happen To You.

“You are what you eat” is a popular saying. I would like to modify that saying a bit to “You are what you eat and supplement.”

Congressman’s Wife Dies From Dehydration After Taking White Mulberry Leaf. Here’s What You Need to Know.

We have yet another very tragic story regarding the use of supplements. Lori McClintock, who was the wife of California Congressman Tom McClintock, reportedly died last year after taking white mulberry leaf. She was 61-years-old.

Man Loses Ability To Walk From Improper Supplement Use. Here’s What You Need To Know

Recently, an 86-year-old man in Australia lost his ability to walk after ingesting high doses of vitamin B6. He ingested 70 times the recommended daily dose of vitamin B6. He did this after discovering from a blood test that he was “slightly deficient” in this vitamin.

Yes, You Can Overdose On Caffeine. Here’s What You Need To Know

In shocking news, a personal trainer and father of two in the U.K. named Thomas Mansfield died from a caffeine overdose after consuming an amount of a caffeine powder supplement equating to 200 cups of coffee. According to BBC News, Mansfield used kitchen scales to calculate the amount of powder he was consuming. Tragically, a miscalculation cost him his life. He was just 29-years-old. The coroner said the cause of death was “caffeine toxicity.”

Follow the “Anti-supplement” Crowd At Your Own Health Risk

I continue to be increasingly concerned about the “anti-supplement” movement. It appears that some individuals selectively use research that reinforces their general belief that nutritional supplements have very little, if any, health value and omit credible studies that support the contrary. The problem with this approach is that promoting this narrative that can put peoples’ health at risk.

5 Reasons You May Want To Consider Krill Oil

In some cultures, krill is consumed as food. For example, Japanese cuisine may incorporate krill. They call it “okiami.” And a popular Norwegians snack is krill paste with crackers. But many of us will probably not come across krill for food in our regular daily life. You do, however, have access to krill oil supplements (just as you do fish oil supplements).

Have Questions About CBD? We Have Some Answers!

Many people use CBD to treat a wide variety of medical conditions ranging from epilepsy and anxiety, to arthritis pain and insomnia. There also has been a good amount of conflicting information in the media and online about CBD and other cannabis-based therapies. So, it would be totally understandable if you’re both curious and skeptical as well a little confused about CBD.

Along With Toilet Paper, Elderberry Is Flying Off The Shelves. Here’s Why

Aside from toilet paper, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, there’s another hot commodity in town these days due to the coronavirus pandemic - elderberry.

Vitamin C May Breathe Life Into Patients On Breathing Machines

I don’t like to play favorites with my nutrients. They are all equally important to our health and wellness. We need macronutrients (which are necessary in larger quantities) and micronutrients (in smaller quantities).

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